Protect yourself or your family if you are scheduled to be receiving inpatient treatment in a Hospital or Long-term Care Centre. Our pillow is specially constructed to withstand the harsh chemical cleaners required to properly disinfect and protect patients in a hospital setting.


Because hospital bedding interiors (pillows, mattresses, comforters) collect blood, feces, dust, skin, oils, body fluids, dust mites – and even bed bugs – the patient “hot-zone” is perhaps the highest-risk source of infection transmission in hospitals – infections that often lead to patient morbidity and mortality.


We solved this problem when we invented the safest, cleanest and most comfortable hospital bedding in the world. We use the same technology as our consumer products - but with an outer fabric that will withstand harsh hospital cleaners and a high-risk environment


The result is the ONLY medically-validated, lab-tested and hospital-approved bedding that 100 per cent ensures a safe and healthy patient environment. This is especially important for acute-care hospitals and high-risk patient environments where patients often additionally suffer from allergies and asthma exasperated by filthy, contaminated bedding.


Bottom line…SleepAngel is the only way to ensure the safest and healthiest patient rest, and protect against the transmission of Cdiff, MRSA and other deadly hospital infections transmitted from bedding. Infections that are currently living and growing in hospital mattresses and pillows.

Hospital "C diff-Free" Pillow - Memory Foam

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  • SleepAngel™ is designed to provide cool, comfortable support whether you sleep on your back or your side. The product enables microscopic air vapor to pass through the air-Filter. This causes the product to respond slowly to the pressure of your head. This “slow surrender” is unique to SleepAngel™, it proves that the product is working correctly. This can take a little time to get used to. We recommend that you allow one week to acclimate to your new SleepAngel™ pillow. You can choose to lie on either side of this product.