Did You Know?

Up to one-third of your pillow's 

weight is dirt!

SleepAngel is the safest, healthiest bedding in the world.

100% Allergen & Infection Free
5 Star Hotel & Spa Quality
Nanofilter Medical Innovation

Because your bedding (pillows, mattresses, comforters) collects moisture, dust, skin, oils, body fluids, dust mites – and even bed bugs – your sleeping environment can cause serious harm to your family’s health, as well as contribute to suffering from allergies, asthma and even nasty infections.  

We created the new standard for healthy, infection-free bedding in hospitals, hotels and spas across the globe, our premier consumer pillows are now available to health-conscious families in Canada.

We protect you by ‘fusing’ the seams of our special, super-comfortable fabric, and incorporating a composite, textile nano-filter. 

This space-aged nano-filter has very tiny holes –  big enough for your pillow and mattress to breathe making it super comfortable –  but completely stopping all other contaminants, dirt, bugs and liquids from entering and growing inside your family’s bedding. 


Nothing gets in! The high quality interiors remain as clean as when it left our advanced manufacturing facility - for years to come.

The result is the ONLY medically-validated, lab-tested bedding that ensures a safe and healthy rest – especially for those who suffer from complications due to allergies, asthma and infections.

SleepAngel is the only way to provide the healthiest sleep environment possible for your entire family –  by protecting you from what is growing in the other pillows and mattresses currently in your home.


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